Sorbet Mimosas

The holiday season is in full swing and it’s always a good idea to have a go-to drink on hand that can be served when guests drop by. Nothing could be easier than sorbet mimosas! This drink requires only two ingredients which can be kept stocked in your kitchen and served up at a moment’s notice.

A small spring loaded ice cream scoop is a very helpful tool in making this drink. It releases the sorbet in perfectly portioned rounded balls.

The two ingredients are:

  1.  A bottle of your favorite bubbly
  2.  Sorbet
Put a scoop of sorbet in the glass first and then slowly pour the bubbly on top of it.

For the bubbly, you can use champagne, sparkling wine, or even non-alcoholic sparking cider or ginger ale. Tailor the flavor and color of the sorbet to the holiday you wish to celebrate. In this example, I am using mango sorbet because the orange color is a nice compliment to my current fall palette. For Christmas, a pretty red raspberry sorbet or lime green sorbet would be fitting. Gourmet shops often stock more exotic flavors so feel free to experiment, coordinating the color and flavor to your occasion.

Served in fluted glasses, and garnished with a sprig of mint and a fun polka dotted straw, this is a pretty cocktail that takes mere minutes to whip up.

I can’t think of a better way to welcome visitors during the holidays!



4 thoughts on “Sorbet Mimosas

  1. Makes me want to try this on New Year’s Day! I was in LA helping out with the twins yesterday and today, and soon off to Catalina for the long Thanksgiving weekend. Enjoy!


  2. I’ve never had this, but it reminds me of a drink I like to make in the summer. The June Bug is made with white rum, orange sherbet, and grenadine. It’s cold, frothy, and citrusy-sweet. So, that’s kind of how I’m imagining this?

    1. Never had a June Bug but it sounds similar. I’d venture to say the sorbet mimosa is probably a little fizzier due to the bubbly, but the flavor could be close. Will have to try a June Bug. Maybe next June!

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