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A change of seasons makes me crave a change of scenery. Not only do I enjoy adding seasonal decor to my home, but sometimes I like to rearrange my furniture for a fresh look. Now that we’ve lived in our home for over a year, it felt like a good time to change things up in the living room. The room is ample in size and lends itself to an evolving layout.

This is the living room before rearranging the furniture. While this layout functioned well, a change of scenery can help you see your space with new eyes and provide a greater appreciation of the features of the room.

Here’s the room’s previous layout. The sofa was placed directly across from the fireplace and two matching arm chairs flanked it. The coffee table was centered in the middle of the seating arrangement. The mahogany server was placed in front of the large window facing the street. My antique dough bowl held a place of honor on top of the server (see above picture).

After measuring my walls and furniture to make sure everything would fit with the new plan I had in mind, the sofa was moved in front of the large window that faces the street and the mahogany server was positioned on the wall where the sofa had been. The arm chairs now hold down the side of the room opposite the sofa. I reoriented the sea grass rug and the coffee table. A round end table from another room was added so that a lamp could be placed next to the sofa.

With this new arrangement, an accent table was needed to go between the two armchairs. Since there is an abundance of square and rectangular shapes in the room, I wanted a round table to soften the hard edges. I found this table on Amazon and thought it would work well. The black metal frame repeats the black metal on the coffee table and connects the other black accents in the room. The transparency of the glass keeps it from feeling too heavy and adds a reflective texture to the room.

I placed the dough bowl on the floor in front of the fireplace on an old hearth to elevate it a bit. It will likely move around the room once we begin using the fireplace, but for now it works fine here. It also helps draw the eye to one of the best features of the room. 

Throw pillows in golden hues were added to the sofa. Two of the six prints that had hung over the server were moved to the wall space under the sconces which flank the front window. The added artwork provides symmetry and visual weight to the area behind the sofa. The four prints remaining over the server are now centered, and I believe the smaller gallery arrangement still carries sufficient weight to anchor the wall.

I could only keep the cat out of the photo shoot for so long! (See him sleeping in the chair?)

The room feels larger and more spacious now. There is ample space to bring in additional seating when needed, and there are more surfaces upon which to place food and drink. It should work even better for entertaining than the previous floor plan did.

It’s amazing how simply moving furniture around can reinvigorate a room. When is the last time you rearranged your furniture? Is it time for a refresh?

4 thoughts on “Living Room Refresh

  1. Lovely switch. I usually change decorations for the seasons, but I rarely have time for rearrangements (but I used to do this all the time when I was a kid and college student). What software did you use for the planning?

    1. Thank you! I must admit that hubby did the drawing for me and he used Visio, from Microsoft. He uses it for work and says it is very user friendly.

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