The Gift Stash

Ever find yourself needing a last minute gift with no time to run out to buy something? Ever gone to the store for a gift and not been able to find a thing that fits the person or occasion? I think this happens to us all at least occasionally and it can be a source of unnecessary stress. I solved this problem by creating what I call my “gift stash.”

I have a drawer in my home dedicated to little gifty goodies that I purchase as I’m out and about. I pick up soaps, lotions, candles, kitchen and bath items, hand towels, gourmet foods, and other things that I can assemble into a nice gift whenever the need arises. I take advantage of sales and I try to keep items on hand that I think would appeal to most people I know. I stash these items away so that I am always prepared whenever an occasion comes up that necessitates a gift.

The items I gravitate towards tend to be things I’d personally enjoy receiving. They also tend to be somewhat practical in nature. I think just about everyone enjoys a new dish towel, pretty picture frame, scented candle, or a luxurious bar of soap. I also keep a few gourmet items and extra bottles of wine stocked in my kitchen for gift giving. For example, a jar of gourmet olives, a hunk of tasty cheese, and a box of fancy crackers presented in a pretty serving bowl would be much appreciated by a foodie friend.

I also maintain a supply of gift wrap and bags, baskets, cellophane paper, ribbons, tissue paper and other wrapping supplies to make the presentation effortless. I look for good deals on these items at the end of each season when they can easily be found on sale.

Keeping a stash of gift items and supplies is easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of space. You can dedicate one drawer in a dresser, a shelf inside a closet or cabinet, or simply keep a box under the bed. Additionally, keeping a gift stash makes each shopping excursion fun as I perpetually keep an eye out for interesting items to stock it with.

Do you keep a stash of gifts at the ready? What kinds of items do you find make great gifts in a pinch?

6 thoughts on “The Gift Stash

  1. Hi, Kathy:

    Since I have been the recipient of some of your excellent gift items, I can only applaud your suggestion. I seem to do with greeting cards what you do with other items. My husband always knew that if we got separated while shopping, he could always find me at the card section! When I see a card whose sentiment I like, I buy it months in advance of when I might use it. Sometimes I will stock up on one particular card — and hope I don’t send it to the same friend twice! Having volunteered to send condolence cards (with a note) to the family of Wellesley classmates who died, I am always on the lookout for those printed in shades of purple, our class color. Strangely enough, cards can sometimes be found for sale in odd places, like a car wash!

  2. Funny you should mention a card stash. I made a note just yesterday to do a future blog on my “card stash.” I inherited mine from my mother and use it regularly. And yes, I’ve also found great cards at the car wash!

  3. LoL … My mom used to keep gift stash drawers or boxes. 🙂 I honestly thought no one else did this. I’ve never had much confidence in myself as a gift giver, and that trait only got worse after living in Japan, where gift-giving is an extremely personal, well-thought-out effort for so many minor and major occasions, including just visiting someone for a weekend. Now I have a few holiday wrapping paper drawers, but tend to just give money. I wave the white flag of surrender on how to be a good a gift-giver.

    1. Yes, I agree that giving gifts can be hard. That’s why I tend to go with practical gifts or things that people don’t normally buy for themselves. When in doubt, I go with food!

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